What is PiRho_GX?
My decision to start PiRho_GX was to find a way to capture the explosive power of the human  imagination to tell the African story. It signifies the ability for one idea, one small idea, to brilliantly manifest when given enough power. It signifies the Anglo-Roman education that Africans have sought after–our constant fight to prove  ourselves in the eyes of the world. Who are we? What is the identity of the neo-African? PiRho_GX is for the Children of the Diaspora. It is meant to document the need for a bridge between the new-world western education and the oral traditions of old. In moving forward, we as a people must not lose touch with what came before — the stories that warmed many a warm African night and lulled little babes to sleep. This is meant to be more than that; I dream that this journey will build bridges that take children of all ages on imaginative journeys through the lore of other cultures…that is PiRho_GX — igniting the imagination.

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