Starting a New Media Project

Conversations are wonderful tools for stirring one’s creative juices. This past weekend was spent conversing with friends, family, watching the Olympics (well, watching the Olympics was merely for fun, but i digress), and Googling Anansi folk-tales, all in the quest for discovering ways to bring this idea of telling African folk-tales to a larger audience . It seems like this project may grow to be much bigger than I ever imagined. Just looking at the influence of African stories in African-American and Caribbean cultures show the vastness of our common experience. The Anansi tales are a perfect example: you can find versions of these tales in both African-American and Caribbean folklore as well.

Unity of Experience

The audience being targeted with this project come from diverse backgrounds. Although the primary goal is to reach the African diaspora, the hope is that through the telling, these stories can reach children of many cultures and backgrounds. How can this be done? What is the characteristic of a good story? It is one in which the audience can identify with the characters–growing with the characters as they learn more about themselves — their hopes, their dreams, their strengths and their limitations. The challenge in writing such scripts does not merely arise from identifying the proper creative inspiration; the primary challenge is in developing believable and real characters. That is going to be my current focus. It’ll take time and a lot of reading. But I’m in this for the long haul.

To my readers, cheers. Over and out.


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