Modeling the Human Head

My graduate advisor is of the opinion that to learn some new and complicated thing, you  need to be thrown into the deep end: you’ll either swim or drown. That is my current experience with Blender. Without having previously modeled so much as a simple ball (which is quite easy to do in Blender), I decided I was going to take on the task of creating a mesh of the human head. Why, you ask? In all honesty, because I was impatient. I figured rather than spend all this time creating models of stick figures, balls, and morphing geometric objects, the ROI (return on investment) for the time spent following a simple YouTube tutorial should prove to be well worth the effort. So I found a reference image online as a template so I did not have to sketch a character myself . What you see below is my final result: Not bad for a first-timer, eh? (Doing my awesome dance….with the Super Mario “heeeeereee weeeeee goooooo!”) 😀

Front, Back, and Side views of the model. Not perfect, there are still some parts of the mesh that don’t look quite right. However, I’m stoked because this was so much fun to do!

Here is a link to a YouTube video I followed. It is pretty straight forward. However, the guy tends to move a bit fast. In order to follow along, it is important to have skimmed the Blender reference manual and pay *close* attention to the screen cast keys on the bottom left of the screen. Until later, O daa bo o!


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