Why Call These Stories the Anansi (spider) tales?

(Children: Amma, Kofi, Adwoa, Efia, Kojo)

(Narrator: Naa Kwesi)

(Parents: Cecilia and Kobbi Baiden)

(Story characters: Ananse, Python, Bees, Tiger)


Opening Scene: (a group of children run after a spry old man, the narrator, a couple of them tug at his wrapper, another grabs his hand and tugs trying to pull him towards the mango tree in the center of the yard)

Naa Kwesi: Aeiii, what do you want? Pulling on me left and right? Am I a toy?

Amma: (tugging again at Naa Kwesi’s wrapper again) Naa Kwesi, we want you to tell us a story!

(all other children nod their head in joyful agreement and glee. Kojo, the youngest of the bunch is so excited he is dancing on his feet)

(Naa Kwesi pauses, scowls, scratches his chin. The children’s eyes widen with anticipation of a positive answer)

Naa Kwesi: No. (walking brusquely towards the gate)

Amma: (the oldest) But why? (tripping over her feet in her haste to catch up to her grandfather)

Upon further thought, i decided this was too specialized a route to take. Follow me as I continue writing, but in short story form, in the series “How Aisha Met Ananse”


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